Saturday, February 02, 2013

Your Old Self - A Cunning Folk

Your Old Self is the first show for 2013 at Tinning Street Gallery,

15 Artists were invited to reinterpret an artwork from their childhood. Both works are included in the exhibition. The opening was last night and I really enjoyed the space and curation of the work by the new gallery director, Belinda Wiltshire.

I chose a piece I made when I was 12 years old. It is a page from a project I did for school called 'Magic and Witches'. The page had two spells: one to turn  you into a witch (??) and one to turn you into a cat. It had some pretty stock standard sketches of witch paraphernalia like a hat, a broom, a cat and a cauldron. I decided to draw the witch and the cat you would become if you followed the spells. I called them A Cunning Folk and was on a roll so I drew a third just for fun.

Artists participating include Shaun TanMadeleine StamerEmma Coulter, Beau White, Ben Howe and Belinda Wiltshire.

The exhibition runs until February 17th so if you're in the neighbourhood you should really check it out. There are some very beautiful reinterpretations of artists childish works. 

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