Thursday, January 31, 2013

Starfish Music

Today's deadline is for Starfish Music,  a music community where musicians can sell their music and share their success with their fans through a profit sharing structure. At the moment, the website serves as a music community where people can post their songs, and fans/supporters can 'heart' the songs that they love, and gain experience points if others agree with their musical taste per say.

You know I love to support our local (and international, global, and universal!) music community so I was super chuffed to be asked to create this work.

The launch is next week at the Melbourne Aquarium (sorry, invite only) but the all new website will be launched then so be sure to check out after the 7th of Feb!


  1. Love love love! Pinned this on my Pinterest under Favourite Artists (that's you xx)

  2. thanks chrissy - you're a sweetheart