Saturday, March 03, 2012

Little Deities

I was invited by the charming Daniel Atkinson to participate in the Little Deities exhibition at No Vacancy. As stated on the Little Deities' blog:

'The Little Deities group exhibition is the brainchild of Melbourne based illustrator and lecturer Daniel Atkinson. The premise of the exhibition is to provide each contributing artist with a standard size doll, which the artists were then asked to transform into a Deity.
After spreading the good word and approaching liked minded souls, Daniel quickly found a congregation of 60 artists, designers and illustrators who were willing to accept the challenge.
This team is glowing with talent too! With the likes of Stephen Ives, Kirsten Perry and Sonia Kretschmar, Andrea Innocent, Dean Gorissen and Ben Ashton Bell amongst the fold of creative talent that has join this most holy of ventures!
So book mark this site and keep on eye out as we keep you update on the progress of the exhibition and provide you with a few sneaky previews of some of the art that will feature in this most sacred of exhibitions!'
I can't wait to see the 59 other dolls, especially by amazing artists such as Emma Leonard and Neil Sanders!

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