Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fatboy In Kinku Costume for MITN

Today I am the Australia Day designer for Made In The Now! 

'MITN is a fresh new concept that merges the worlds of design, online retail and current affairs. Each day, we produce a collectible T-shirt design inspired by a current news story. Each T-shirt is only available to purchase for 24 hours and is produced by the finest creative talent in the world. MITN is a strong believer in ethical production, so we make all our shirts locally, only print what we need, and use the most economical packaging methods possible.'  Check out MITN here.


  1. Daniel Ogilvie10:01 am

    Belinda! The shirts look so good! I see that they are for sale for only 24hrs! Is there a way that slow poke like me can get a shirt (with this design or another of yours at some stage in the near future!

  2. hey dan the man, thanks! yep they were only available for australia day. you can get shirts through my redbubble site - click on the tab at the top left of this page. x