Saturday, July 20, 2013

High Views window installation for Northern Exposure 2013

If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed - Chinese Proverb 

This year's theme for the Northern Exposure Festival was 'Change'.

The brief was to 'create a piece that responds to the theme of change. Your work could be about inspiring change in the community or the world at large and could be about equality, social justice, human rights, marriage equality. It could be about fostering connection with your neighbours. It could convey a message regarding the environment, social or political change.
It should be a message of hope and positivity and could simply be your vision for the future. What changes do you want to see in your community or on the global front?'

prep work for my window installation 

I am a big advocate of sustainable living, and believe in an Up Not Out philosophy when it comes to urban design. I am also a huge fan of alternative green spaces and urban gardening. I also love bees and birds and want to help foster an environment that encourages them.

So my plan was to create a paper craft installation that represented sustainable high density living that celebrated these ideals.
my skyscraper complete with window farms and rooftop garden

my mum, my intern, my lifesaver!

Using a stack of decorated vintage suitcases to create a skyscraper, the top suitcase was left open to house a diorama portraying an example of a sustainable urban garden of inner city living. 

My skyscraper sported window gardens, vertical gardens, rooftop gardens and community gardens. There are flowers, food, fruit, birds and bees.

Welcome to my sustainable, rooftop, urban garden of inner city living where the birds and bees, and juicy fruit trees blossom and grow in all their paper craft glory. 
the finished installation in the window of Hummingbird 60, High Street Northcote

Here's Mama Sue posing with my work which received a special mention.

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