Monday, April 08, 2013

Yum Yum Art! Chocolate in pocket = sweet escape.

Last year I was invited by the wonderful folk at GAS to participate in a project called Yum Yum Art.
I think most of you know that Valentine's day is one of my favourite celebrations.
In 2012, a collaboration between Mitsukoshi Isetan and 6 Female artists was launched. Artists included the very talented Beci Orpin and Emily Forgot. But for Valentine`s 
day 2013, they wanted to feature just one lucky artist, and they invited me!!

I was asked to design a range of sweets (and accompanying packaging) for Valentine's day to be sold through the Isetan department store chain across Japan. yep - you read right. Edible art!!! 

I absolutely loved working on this project and look forward to future collaborations with GAS. A big big Arigatō!' to the very lovely Fumiko Kagaku for all her help, and indeed to all the Gas As Interface team.

So now that I have safely photographed the merchandise, guess what's next?

Thank you to Fumiko Kagaku for the photos of my sweets in situ, selling to art and chocolate lovers alike. x!

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