Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Suitcase Rummage Silly Season Pledge

Greetings friends,

We're only days away from the official start of the Silly Season and I am super excited about it this year.

For me the Silly Season culminates in relaxation, play, friends, family, presents, FOOD, food, food and food.
I am very lucky indeed that this is what this time of year means to me and I am determined to celebrate and make informed decisions wherever I can that help my amazing community and country.

This year I became a coordinator for Suitcase Rummage Melbourne, for whom I have been creating art and design a few years now. I am very, very proud to be involved in creating a grass roots market designed to encourage members of the community to engage in ethical exchange through advocacy of local Arts & Crafts, fostering DIY entrepreneurs, and supporting a sustainable economy. 

The team at Suitcase Rummage feel pretty passionately about being apart of a creative, robust and sustainable community. We decided to take a a pledge to be really thoughtful in all our purchases over the next month. It's so easy and convenient to not think about where stuff comes from and where it will go. Especially when you live in a super lucky country like we do. We're hoping you will join us in our Suitcase Rummage Silly Season Pledge by supporting Australian made and grown, hand-made and fairly-traded art, craft produce, services and goods

Take the pledge, pass it on and don't spend too much money on silly stuff this silly season. Spend just the right amount on special stuff that helps make sense of all the willy nilly silly!

Please pass it on and Happy Silly Season!

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