Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Creature Feature @ No Vacancy

Tomorrow night is the opening of the Creature Feature exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne.

Creature Feature is the third show illustrators Amz Kelso and Kitty Poduska have thrown after two years on the illustration circuit. The twenty-one year old team from Melbourne have based the show around the theme of 'Monsters'. In this show, artists get the chance to illustrate the urban legends, faerie tales and Pop-culture monsters that we've been brought up being warned about; as well as darker, more personal monsters. The show holds a diverse range of creatives; work ranges from highly stylized digital pieces, to semi-realistic ink line-art, to hand-painted recycled skate decks; from a range of illustrators, sculptors, installation artists, comic artists, animators and fine-artists.

Participating artists include:

Amz Kelso • Ash Riley • Belinda Suzette • Ben Weatherall • Colm Flynn  

Emma Leonard • Daniel Aitkinson  Dev Ravenga • Fabian Hernandez 

Jacqueline Gwynne  Jodee Talyah • Josephine Dempsey • Kitty Poduska 

Lachlan Millard • Liam Pettet • Lisa Currie 
• Natalie Hallam • Neil Sanders 

Pixie Barnett-Noor • Pod Poduska • Shannon Keane • Sharnee Taylor 

Soft Science • Stephanie Kelso • Taras Semenenko

I think it's going to be quite a turn out - hope to see you there!

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