Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Park Art for the Darebin Community & Kite Festival 2011

Recently I was commissioned by the Darebin Council to create some interactive & ephemeral art for the Kite Festival. I created three larger than life stand up cut out installations and despite the overtly moody weather on the day, my friends and i had a blast in the park watching folk skip gleefully amongst them!


  1. Oh mate, these are fricken AWESOME!!!!
    The colours, the style, everything is awesome!!
    We should SO collaborate on a community art activity down the track!
    C xox

  2. thanks chrissy
    collaborate is like, my middle name
    and community is like, my main game
    so let's go!

  3. they look sooo great!! that pic of the kid with the painted face is perfect! hehe so funny!

  4. these are just wonderful!