Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've been a busy bee indeed!
been prepping for sunday's kite festival and my installation art which is proving to be a BIG JOB!!
agh i'm exhausted! plus Banana A-Peel stuff plus various commissions plus i just got a gig teaching illustration at TAFE and it's all systems go!

but here is one wee dude i can check off the list.
Introducing Uke-A-Billy, my contribution to group show 'Pimp my MUF 2' for the Melbourne Ukulele Festival.

He's cute, he's a uke and he's affordable art - so head down to 303 high street this saturday night the 26th and check out all the fabulous work on offer.


  1. oh but i wanna see him when you play... or is he the musical deamon who secretly inspires you as you strum....

  2. i hold him to my heart!