Monday, October 04, 2010

Weekend Woman

Donkey's ears ago i wrote a wee country ditty called 'weekend woman' complete with kick and twang.
then years later (which is still years ago) it turned into a sad love-sick song and gained a few pounds. even now when i listen to it, or sing it, it reminds me of how sad i was.
Incredibly Glaswegian band Fireside Kicks saw it on youtube and want to cover it! AMAZING! i CANNOT wait to hear what they do with it!!!!
Anyway, here is my sad version ala youtube. i'll let you know how the Fireside version turns out.

If you don't know Fireside Kicks, check them out here!


  1. not so sad dearest talented b!! instead very impressive! tho i did have a giggle when you were swishing around the hills it!you sure are a woman of many talents. who sang this version? how amazing about fireside kicks, can't wait to hear their version. weeeeeee! xoxoxx

  2. thanks shell!! it was me a croonin´!