Monday, September 13, 2010

Budgie Smuggler

My heart is on top of a hill in a valley called Piggabeen on the skirts of a hinterland snug in the wake of a volcano in the borderlands of nsw and qld, australia. where the bush meets the beach. this is my stomping ground, an ideal childhood spent swimming in the waterhole, splashing about in creeks with bursted banks when the big wet sets in. there's just something about all that mud. boogies boards and flooded paddocks. swinging on ropes, lying in the snake ridden grass watching storms roll out to sea, waking to the dawn chorus of thousands of birds welcoming in the day. i'm here at the moment. and i'm loving sharing this home with galahs and cockatoos, kookaburras and rosellas, lorikeets and magpies, geese and pacific black ducks, fairy wrens and finches, native pigeons and spoonbills, cranes and the lone jabiru who makes an appearance in the valley once in blue moon. i've been feeling very inspired. i love returning here. time stands still.

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