Monday, August 30, 2010

Cloud Bursting Rain Catchers @ Suitcase Rummage

Spring is in the air here in Australia land.
Crystal blue skies full of cumulonimbus clouds blown around by northern winds.
Spring is my favourite season down under. The grass is green, not yet burnt by summer. the sun is warm but the wind is cool. I'm all inspired and so i set about making clouds and rain drops.
I love the rain. My childhood is full of High Summer ultra marine blue skies, heat that you can hold in your hand, and wild storms that race in from the hinterland, violently dance for a spell before streaking out to sea. then blue sky again. I grew up in the bush in a house with a tin roof. Rain is music. By the end of summer our tanks would be empty and the plants would be thirsty and the wallabies would come down from the hills to our water hole. My sister and mum and i would do rain dances. When it rained it rained and we would rejoice! my sister and i would pray for flood. we'd grab our boogie boards, meet up with the other kids in the valley, and surf the waves of the busted banks of the creek.

Cloud Bursting Rain Catchers.
All made from reclaimed, recycled, pre-loved, hand-made, vintage, fairly-traded, much-loved, keenly-sought materials. Each is unique.

You can find them at the next Suitcase Rummage, this coming Sunday the 5th September in Brisbane at King George Square.
See you there!

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  1. Anonymous2:37 pm

    hello. were can i buy one of the cloud rain catchers ?



  2. Hi sarah. I have just sent you an email.
    you can purchase direct from me and i can post it to you. I'll email you some pics and you can see which one you like the most. Cool bananas!